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Biohazard Be sure to check out our HUGE selection of links, sites, files, forums, and more! Bookmark us too, while you,re at it! Whyachi

One of the LARGEST Robotic Combat sites on the net!! And it's only getting bigger!

We'll also be bringing in a few live news feeds, just to keep you folks informed of today's world & technology events. Weather info about your outdoor 'bot hobby, possible email, newsletters, special interviews, 'bot tutorials, and more. Stay tuned! GET WIRED & TEAR IT UP!

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Welcome one and all to The Bot Shop website. Here you will find TONS of useful links, Info, Graphics, Downloads, Auctions, Forums, Classifieds, Voting, and lots of places to shop for your ultimate 'bot parts. If you've ever watched Battlebots , Robot Wars , Bot Bash JunkYard Wars , or Robotica , you know how brutal remote automation can be. Now I'm just getting seriously into robotics, I've been an industrial mechanic for over 10 years, and I love to watch automated equipment. Even more fun working on it than watching it! In the coming months, I will widely expand this site to contain hundreds more links to parts suppliers, robotics sites, useful links, and more. Be sure to visit or add to our Other Top Sites, or join our online Chat. And be sure to read up on our Disclaimer

Feel free to check in on my weapons page for a look at the different types of robotic offense, and the Defense Page for protecting your 'bot.

Toro - The Battlebots Super Heavyweight Champion!

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